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Amazing Growth

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

We have come a long way. From the humble, hard working beginnings in a 10x10 tent with our oven towed behind a “packed” suv, to our current RTD lift bus which has been converted into a rolling kitchen, the growth has been nothing short of phenomenal.

We certainly put in our time! In our tent, for each and every event, our family set up several tables, a refrigerated prep unit for ingredients, several coolers, signage, hand washing sinks complete with propane, lighting, netting on three sides... in EVERY kind of weather. High winds would shut us down in a heartbeat. Cold would drive my family nuts and make them angry at Dad! Rain...well, you know where water ends up. Snow... you get the picture. It was limited as to where and when we could perform at our best. The only constant was our excellent food and 900 degree oven, made by Denver based company Fire Within, which worked flawlessly and has now kicked out over 10,000 pizzas! Each event included a strike, or tear-down, a commissary run, and that was if we weren’t doing a double event day. Let’s just say, Di and I bought some new shoes!

Our completed new ride is a delight. The oven is still outside, so it doesn’t heat everything up for the staff. The look is clean and simple, with a base of white set off by stainless steel. Handwashing, refrigeration, counters, POS system (square), shelving, storage, great graphics, and we can all travel to events together.Our main team is our family. Wow, have we learned a ton. Each one of our kids can now fully operate this business (with the exception of driving!). What unique and important lessons creating something from scratch has taught all of us. My son is an expert Pizzaiolo. My wife has stretched enough dough for three lifetimes, and my daughters can converse and serve guests with excellence. As for me, I just let God guide and run the business end. We hit between 15 and 20 events per month, from fantastic breweries (where in our beginning days we were allowed to set up inside of in bad weather!), to catered events at private homes, businesses and parks. We have regular locations on set days, and many guests find us easily at those.

We employ several team members in the busier months, and love that we can give some folks some hours and extra spending money.

Long term we envision 5 units with ovens, each with a different theme, catering to the needs of the pizza famished. We are sometimes forced to turn away catering gigs in high season because of being booked up, and more units is really the only thing holding us back from astronomic growth as a premiere catering and mobile wood fired pizza company.

There is also talk of something I cannot publicly share at this time... but suffice it to say, it’s gonna be cool - and profitable. Come find out for yourself why we are soaring in this relatively new industry, and why guests are raving about our pizza and service. Be blessed.

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