• Timothy Scott

Making No Apologies

My beautiful wife reminded me after our last food truck shift, that I need not apologize for not having pineapple, onions or mushrooms on our artisan pizza menu.

She is right. I shouldn't. I am all about pleasing the guests, and sometimes forget that what we DO have on our menu is amazing, chosen on purpose, valuable, and helps to form our guest's overall taste experience. Like my positions as Theatre Director and film/TV Editor, I got to control the experience, the sight lines, the camera angle, the pace... what I wanted people to see or hear, or NOT see or hear...

and now I control the taste.

Why, you may ask, don't I create pies with, say, an onion?

First of all, I have. Our first version of

Barbed-Wire-a-Que had thinly sliced purple onion... and guests loved it. Me... not so much. I wouldn't eat that for, well, a whole lot of money! And the pungent smell of those little suckers FILLED the truck with onion bliss... yuck! I tried zip-locking in that fresh, nasty smell... even DOUBLE zipping. Nope. So why would I serve what I, the chef, can't stand? My dream. My menu. My hard work.

Same goes for mushrooms... my father made me eat them in omelets as a kid... one step away from child abuse. I swore them off many moons ago in remembrance of those fine days. Gag! And pineapple? I love pineapple... just not ON a pizza. Warm. Hot. NO! Next?

Chill it in a cup and serve it... and I am all over it. Kind of like eating pickles on burgers... warm... or sweet. NOPE! Matter of choice. Some things just belong on the side. Serve them to me cold and crispy and dill. Done.

So I am learning not to apologize for my preference of foods. Plenty of caterers or restaurants or food trucks will provide these options... but I am sticking to my laurels.

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